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Fridburg Igor Zinovievich
  Limited Liability Company “AGroSoyuz” is a vertically-integrated complex of enterprises of the poultry-farming sphere, with the full manufacturing cycle, which includes manufacture of mixed feeds, breeding of pedigree stock, production of fowl and meat products, production of chicken eggs and products of egg processing, distribution and wholesale of finished goods.






“AGroSoyuz” holding:
     *    is one of the leaders of chicken eggs sale in the
          Russian Federation;
     *    takes the leading positions in Bashkiria market in the
         segment of eggs and fowl sale; 
     *    takes the leading positions at the market of the
         Moscow region in the segment of eggs sale; 
     *    has a wide range of production; 
     *    has steady connections with production consumers;
     *    has a well developed infrastructure, allowing increasing
          the production volume;
-    *   doesn’t depend on mixed feed suppliers.

   Holding “AGroSoyuz” was established in March, 2005 to work in the sphere of poultry farming. Originally, the holding purchased poultry farms and established the network of distribution of their production in Moscow area. In August 2005 the Holding purchased a number of poultry-farms in Bashkiria; therefore the present structure of the Holding was created. “AGroSoyuz” LLC owns the controlling stocks of the poultry farms, and carries out the functions of general management of the Holding and financing the investment programs of the enterprises, basically with the help of loan proceeds. The basic productions of the enterprises of “AGroSoyuz” holding are: fowl and meat products, eggs and an egg powder. Groats, flour and mixed feeds are also produced by the enterprises of “AGroSoyuz” holding.

ООО "АГроСоюз"
MO Ленинский район
п/о Марьино Марьинская птицефабрика,
нежилое административное здание
Тел.: +7 (495) 436-26-71,
Факс:+7 (501) 443-74-11
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