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about us
AFС company was created in 1999 by a group of associates of the financial-investment companies. The company consisted of the investment company “Atlantic. Finance and Consulting”, an audit and a leasing companies and also a venture fund. 
Professionalism of the experts and reputation of the company created the basis of business and the basic capital of the company from the first day of operation. The company has gained a significant experience in financing ratings and business development prospects of the companies in the most various spheres: starting from consulting and finishing with restructuring of the credit organizations (including the work under ARCO order) support of transactions on merger and acquisition and securities underwriting.
ANTANTA CAPITAL Investment Company commenced its business operations in mid-June 2003. The company’s primary business is debt and equity securities transactions. ANTANTA-CAPITAL is a leader of the Russian stock market focusing on the most promising second-tier companies. According to the results of 2004 the company entered the list of ten largest brokers of RTS stock exchange and held the 1st position on RTS board in respect of turnover.
Moscow Legal Agency - is the enterprise that renders services to juridical and natural persons both in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation. MLA has a branch in Sochi of the Krasnodar Territory. While operating in the market MLA has won a reputation of a professional, reliable and competent partner in the market of legal services.
Services of the RBR bank, their quality and efficiency, are one of the major factors of the successful activity of its clients. Activity of any bank is based
on minimizing all the risks, which originate from the internal policy of the bank, for providing a firm confidence in clients that their monetary resources deposited to the bank are safe.
Open JSC «Meleuzovskiye mineral fertilizers» is a large Russian manufacturer of mineral fertilizers and fodder additives. The basic kinds of production of the enterprise are nitric, nitrogenous phosphatic and complecs mineral fertilizers, and also semi-finished items for their manufacture. Production of the enterprise meets the highest world standards and is shipped to consumers in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. Open JSC «Meleuzovskiye mineral fertilizers» is a city-forming enterprise.
URB is a dynamically developing credit and finance organization, which economic activities testify a financial stability and a significant potential for development. The United Regional Bank provides a full spectrum of traditional services of a commercial bank and also renders its clients the services of an investment bank.

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