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Marinskaya poultry was founded in 1970. Today it is one of the largest Russian producers of chicken eggs and egg products, fowl and fowl processing products. The farm is located in an ecologically clean area of the nearest Moscow suburbs and specializes at breeding the perspective breeds of chicken " LOHMANN BROWN". The annual volume of egg production at Marinskaya farm comes to150 million eggs.
    Marinskaya farm consists of the following departments: crop production department, young chicken department, feed production department, veterinary department, egg sorting department, slaughterhouse, egg powder department, motor transport department. These departments present a unique opportunity to have a closed production cycle starting from production of finished goods up to selling of products through a retail trading network. This allows holding the leading positions on the Moscow region market for many years.
    Open JSC Marinskaya poultry farm won many prizes at different All-Russia and international exhibitions. It offers a wide assortment of the packed chicken eggs under the trade mark "KUKAREKS": 6 - 9 - 10 - 12 - 15 - 30 eggs packed in cartons or polystyrene boxes.
Cartons are manufactured by a German company “Hartmann Verpackung” and polystyrene boxes are manufactured by anItalian company KOVAPAK.
     The eggs are received from healthy layers, grown in the conditions close to the natural ones. Grain and forages, full of carotene and vitamins, grown in ecologically clean regions are used in layers feeding. This provides the required yolk color and a genuine taste of the original rural eggs.
      Experts of Marinskaya poultry farm developed the technology of production of chicken eggs full useful substances, vital for people. The eggs contain vitamins A, D, Е and B. Besides the eggs also contain microelements, such as zinc, phosphorus, iodine, iron and have a slight medical effect. We call this line of products - eggs "HEALTH".
     The farm presents a full line of frozen products made of chicken fowl. The line includes all the possible products made of chicken fowl. Absolute freshness and ecological cleanliness, mellowness, natural color and the guaranteed highest quality of the products are provided by the work of the best experts and the strict following the production technology.
An aromatic set of seasonings gives the meat a light poignancy and enriches the fowl flavor. The prepared dish looks very elegant.
Stuffing ingredients are of high quality only; the structure of spices is balanced. Many nice-looking and nourishing dishes which don’t demand any garnish can be prepared very quickly.
    We use several kinds of packing: 5-10 kg. boxes, 400-800 grams substrates, different in form and size which absorb moisture., individual color boxes.
     It is possible to place an order at the official web site, contacting the managers of the commercial department or via the system of telephone sales. Sales managers hold daily field consultations concerning storage and realizations of production; inform clients on availability of the products and new items. The commercial department of the poultry farm has business contacts with more than 1 000 trading companies, public catering organizations, and industrial enterprises.
Marinskaya poultry farm has an auto park, and it allows to deliver your order within 24 hours. Products of "KUKAREKS" trademark are meant for eating at home and for consumers with various income levels. Short preparation time, excellent flavor and whetting the appetite look of dishes have already made Kukareks products popular among the consumers. Storage conditions and an attractive packing of the frozen products allow the retail and wholesale sellers sell the goods completely.
The poultry farm, producing chicken eggs is the largest eggs producer in Bashkortostan. It occupies about 55 percent of the home market, and is in the list of ten largest Russian poultry farms, producing chicken eggs. In 2004 the production volume exceeded 420 million eggs.
On an integrated poultry farm following kinds of production are issued:
полуфабрикатыfrom meat of hens,
яичныйa powder, the liquid pasteurized egg.
The integrated poultry farm is the enterprise with practically full production cycle: there is own parental herd, the incubators completely providing needs{requirements} of the enterprise in a breeding egg. In the near future it is planned to provide completely also breeding яйцомthe Ufa integrated poultry farm that will allow to receive essential economy within the limits of Group. Annually (from February till May) on an integrated poultry farm works on инкубированиюa goose egg, for what for this period are spent
The enterprise involves additional workers. The integrated poultry farm has a high level of processing of an egg and fowl and can be used as a platform for creation of the centralized shop мясопереработки.
The enterprise functions since 1979, from the moment of putting into operation of the first turn. The designed capacity of an integrated poultry farm is calculated on the maintenance{contents} 1 million hens-несушек. In 2005 the volume of manufacture has made more than 510 million pieces of eggs.
Volumes of production on Open Society " Integrated poultry farm " Bashkir " have the stable tendency to growth: manufacture of the basic kind of production - eggs, in comparison with 2004 has grown on 4,9 %, fowl - on 5,0 %. Efficiency of hens-несушек has grown on 2,1 %.
End users of production of an integrated poultry farm is the population of Republic Bashkortostan and of some regions of the Russian Federation. The geography of realization of an egg looks{appears} as follows: 60 % - are realized in Republic Bashkortostan, 40 % - behind its{her} limits.
The basic commodity output - an egg, uses seasonal demand in the market. The maximum of consumption is necessary for осенне-winter months till easter holidays. In years{summer} months demand for an egg falls.
Fowl is realized basically inside of republic, including production of processing.
The average livestock of hens-несушек of industrial herd is made with 1500 thousand In manufacture cross-countries "Rhondonite", Lomann White and Hisex are used. The integrated poultry farm is the enterprise with practically full cycle: there is own maternity herd, the incubators completely providing needs{requirements} of the enterprise in a breeding egg. In the near future it is planned as to provide breeding яйцомan integrated poultry farm Ufa, that will allow to receive essential economy within the limits of group.
The structure of Open Society " Integrated poultry farm " Bashkir » as branch includes an integrated poultry farm «Ашкадарская» (Sterlitamak

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